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Dance served people as a means of expression of feelings and emotions throughout the history of mankind. Harmonious movement, plastic and sexuality fascinate and delight. For each dance worth a huge work of dancers, choreographers, stylists. But there is another category of people who are behind the scenes, but without effort, which dance show would lose some of its luster and charming. They are the ones who create the costumes, shoes, accessories, help the dancers look perfect. A Ruviso dance wear - offers products of these masters.

All countries can be proud of its dance schools, dance is popular in all countries. But not all studios are located in Dresden, London or New York? Where we take the costumes and everything you need rest? Yes, and the capital dancers save every minute, especially before an important speech. So why waste time if all you need is browse the catalog, select and to order without leaving home?


Why we can guarantee the quality of products
We are implementing a high-quality product from the manufacturer, so we can guarantee that you will receive your order on time and will be satisfied with the resulting products responsibly.

We employ experienced and creative designers who closely follow all the latest trends and implement the best ideas. In addition, the production of costumes for dance uses only high quality elastic fabrics:.. Streych- lycra, lace, chiffon, stretch velvet, organza, soft mesh, etc. These fabrics are not only ideal for sewing, but also have all the necessary qualities they are well drawn, "breathe", do not cause allergic reactions, and nice body, and eyes. This is a demanding job, which our masters cope perfectly. Quality training clothes should be at the proper level, as is the health and mood of the dancer. We know this and do not compromise on quality.


What we offer
You can buy at retail or wholesale everything you need for training and demonstration sweeps dance performances. Here you will find:
• women's, men's and children’s clothes to warm up, training and related accessories;
• dance shoes: ballet shoes. Gym shoes. Jazz, shoes, sneakers, dancing, etc
• men's suits and women's dresses and swimsuits with skirts for competitions and trainings;
• Accessories for staging rooms and daily use;
• shoe covers and clothing;
• jewelry and cosmetic toners;
• frachnyh shirts and accessories.


Benefits customers Ruviso dance wear
Now many people are used to buy essential goods on the internet, and rightly so, because at least require time-consuming, it’s cheaper, and thus more profitable. In addition, we guarantee you:

• attentive and personal approach;

• competent and detailed advice on any of the issues raised, online or by telephone;

• any convenient method of payment;

• fast delivery of the most appropriate way for you, regardless of your place of residence;

• a huge selection of high quality clothing, shoes and accessories that match the latest fashion trends, and fully meet the requirements.

Do you like to dance? And we love to watch your numbers, and are ready to help you turn into an unforgettable dance performance, an amazing show! Contact will be happy to welcome you in the trading house Ruviso of dance!

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Visit our store at least once, you will not notice as will become our regular customer!


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