At present, our company is steadily developing and growing. Despite the existence of loyalty programs designed for dance clubs and parents' committees, for us as for the official representative of TM "", the main type of sales, of course, are wholesale. In order to buy our products in bulk enough to order, valued at more than $ 500, agreeing it with our manager. In order to obtain the status of the official dealer in the region, and work on special dealer prices candidate must meet certain requirements, including the reputation of the region, a good knowledge of the dance market in the region and a desire to promote products ". Shopping shoes and clothing for dancing also have the opportunity to obtain the status of the dealer in case of satisfaction of the requirements. If you want to not only buy our products in bulk, but also willing to try his hand as a dealer, you should contact the manager of our company and to agree on the terms of the corresponding status and region assigned to you. In many regions already have our dealers, but we continue to take in new members of their ranks. Join us, perhaps it is in your area this place is still free. We are always open to new partnerships and interesting offers!

Wholesale Partners
Ruviso offers attractive wholesale prices for companies and studios to resell our products.
We have flexible business models and cautious of not competing with our resell partners.   We will offer you all the support you need to have a successful business with us.

Contact us for more information:


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