The company "GALEX" is one of the leaders in the production and tailoring of high-quality footwear for sports ballroom dances in the markets of Europe and other countries of the world.

"GALEX" has certificates of conformity for footwear. Children's shoes are made using the same technology as adult shoes, because any violations in the technology of making such shoes (for example, too soft toe) can lead to the development of flat feet of children.

GALEX footwear is international. For cutting this shoe, Italian equipment and author's modeling system are used.

The skin for this shoe is Ukrainian, lacquer - Spanish, satin - English. In order to select suitable materials for production, the "GALEX" team constantly travels to the annual exhibition in Italian Bologna. From Italy, a bushing is brought to Kiev, which is mounted in each heel. It is due to the Italian sleeve female heels almost do not break. The confidence in the quality of this heel allows GALEX to provide an additional guarantee. No less reliable are men's heels, which are made from the most real Ukrainian beech, hard and durable wood.

Today GALEX is one of those companies that offers their customers the best price-quality ratio achieved thanks to the basic principles:

 1. Fully manual production, from the beginning to the very end of the production process.

2. Well-organized and organized work in all technological areas, which eliminates the loss of time when transferring from one production site to another.

3. The individual responsibility of each master and seamstress, confirmed by a personal stamp on the sole and blank.

4. Constant strict quality control of the products.

5. Continuous search for new technological solutions, modern materials and equipment.

6. The creative group of designers and designers, keeping track of the current trends of dance fashion, constantly updates the lineup, taking into account the wishes of the most demanding and sophisticated men dancers and woman dancers!

Dance shoes Galex for Ruviso Dancewear (hand made) appeared as a result of the love of sports ballroom dances and the individual approach of the Ruviso Dancewear store to their customers.

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